Monday, March 17, 2014

Enjoying Walks & a Zoe update

For the last couple of days when it has been nice outside, I get Zoe ready before I walk the boys back to school at lunch time.  She rides in the stroller on the way there, everyone says their hellos, she does lots of "flirting" and then we go back home after checking the mail.

I insist she stays in the stroller until we get across the roads.  Once we get about 2/3 of the way back, I allow her to escape her "cell"  er stroller, and walk the rest of the way back.  The first time I did this, she enjoyed it so much that I did a mini scavenger hunt for her.  We found leaves, sticks and acorns.  She brought them back to show daddy her treasures.  Her face beamed with pride.  She has done this again every day since.  It's been so wonderful to take an extra 10-15 minutes to get home just to allow her some time to explore outdoors.

I really like winter, but I'm so thankful spring is on its way.  If only summer weren't so hot, I would enjoy the outdoors so much more.  I wish I had pictures I could share.  My goal is to take my camera next time.  I've taken pictures on my phone.  She has enjoyed these walks so very much.  Yesterday we played run run run run WHOOSH.  Which means, mom would run ahead, Zoe would run to catch up, and I'd pretend to do the Dirty Dancing lift with her above my head.  We did that about 6 times before she decided running was too tiring and she'd rather go play on the ice.  I let her do that for a little while but also knew I needed to be getting back.

Words can't begin to describe what a blessing she is.  She has a new found love for Curious George and asks to watch him somewhat often.  She still ADORES puppies.  She is often heard saying "watch puppies, mama (or dada)."  She attempts to use sentences almost all the time.  I still can't always understand those sentences but they are becoming clearer.  She really enjoys tickle time, she often times at bedtime she will say, "more tickle da da."  She also LOVES roaring at us and making us "scared."  Oh the joys she brings.

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  1. She is a sweet sweet girl. I hope she and Ayla are friends for a long time.


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