Saturday, March 22, 2014

Run, Run, Run, Woosh, or . . . how we take walks.

I talked a little about how Zoe and I enjoy walking back from taking the boys to school in the afternoons.  I've invented a little game with her that she just adores called, "run, run, run, woosh."  I will run about 20 feet or so ahead of her and she will come running after me and I lift her up into the air (WOOSH) and then hug her, put her down and repeat.  Here are some pictures of that.  Our camera is starting to go and every once in a while, just shakes violently, not sure why or how to fix it.  So some of these pictures reflect that but I just had to share her adorable face during this special time.

before we started playing the game. . . about 1/3 of the way through our walk.

also before the game she found these huge sticks (about halfway through our walk.)

No thanks darling, I'd rather not poke my eyes out. 

This was when I tried to get her to pose on the tree by standing with her back against the tree and her foot on the tree (the inverse of what she is doing).  She thought it was hilarious.


(although blurry, I love it because you can see the motion)


and WOOSH!!!

Unfortunately I was not coordinated enough to get woosh photos.
Hope you enjoyed our walk back home. (well 3/4 of the way home)



  1. She's so cute and so HAPPY!

  2. Sooooooo adorable! Isn't is wonderful to be back outside?

  3. This looks like a fun game :-).

    Also, Everyone who's commented thus far has "__lly" names!


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