Friday, June 29, 2012

First Haircut

Nope, not Zoe's Haircut, but rather Aaron's.  He had informed me that he'd like me to start cutting his hair so we were going to get some clippers and just do it.  I was scared.  I must have watched at least 15 youtube videos to be sure I understood what I had to do.  My hands were shaking the whole time. 
Here's how it looked before:

 And here's how it turned out:
Looks like a success to me.  

Now his hair has grown again and it's about time to cut it again.  Oh man, time to watch some refreshers!

Do you cut your husband's hair??? Have any tips?  Aaron doesn't just use clippers but also uses scissors to cut his hair.  It's been a learning curve, but I think I'll eventually get it :)


  1. I cut my husband's hair with clippers - if I had to use scissors it would not happen.

  2. I also use just clippers to cut my husband's hair and would not want to have to use scissors. Although I do use scissors on my son's hair, but his hair is curly so it can cover up any bad spots.

  3. I cut Dave's hair with clippers once. But no scissors. The hardest part was getting the back to be the right shape against his neck. And also I was afraid of cutting his ears.


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