Saturday, April 14, 2012


is always so much fun.

Back in March we went to visit Aunt Sally and Uncle Jack.  They live about 30 minutes away, and Aunt Sally has seen our munchkin a couple of times but Uncle Jack had yet to meet her.  We thought that it would be important to remedy that!

Just take a peek at how adorable they both our with our little joy!
I love that they are both smiling, well Zoe was smiling.  My camera takes pictures too slowly to really ever catch the good smiles. 

Just chilling with Uncle Jack.  

We always enjoy the time spent with Aunt Sally and Uncle Jack and it has nothing to do with Uncle Jack being the best cook ever. . .oh wait, that might not be true.  But actually this weekend Aaron and Aunt Sally did all the cooking.  We had a wonderful time looking at old photo albums with Aunt Sal.  My family came to visit while we were there which was awesome.  My dad and Uncle Jack are both outdoorsmen and can talk about hunting and fishing!  We would love to have our families spend even more time together in the future.  I unfortunately didn't take any pictures when my family got there. 

And the best part, DaDa played with Zoe while MaMa got to take a nap.  Aunt Sally and Uncle Jack were figuring out all the bells and whistles on her new car.  Ah 45 minutes of extra sleep plus daddy getting some much needed alone time with ZoZo = one happy mama.  

Then that night we went to see Robin, our sole youth group attendee, in her high school musical, Annie.  Zoe slept through the whole first act (AMAZING) then I fed her and daddy got to change that diaper. . . Oh it was gross, he got to change her because I had to go wash my hands immediately.  So gross. Then Zoe and I watched the first 20 minutes of Act 2 and when she started to fuss we went outside.  No big deal though we could still hear it!  They did a pretty good job! Go Robin!

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Sorry it's been so long since I've blogged.  It's been super crazy here lately but I'm so thankful I got some blogging in! YAY!


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