Monday, April 16, 2012


When Aaron and I got married, we decided we would alternate Christmas and Thanksgiving between Pittsburgh (with my family) and Erie (with Aaron's).  We also decided that Easter was probably the other big holiday and that would be the one that we celebrated at our home.

This year we had Brandon over for Easter.  Since we just moved in 3 weeks ago we didn't have more people over, but hopefully next year we can invite both of our families here for Easter.  It will be crazy AND amazing.  Our place, although bigger, is still small =P.  But hey, our motto is "It's always an adventure with Aaron and Amanda Wood." (Although we have to change it now to fit in our little joy).

Taken a week before Easter.  And then it didn't fit a week later =P

And here she is snuggling up her Uncle Brandon!  So cute!!!

Hope you all had a very blessed Easter!

So thankful for serving our Risen Savior!

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  1. She's just getting bigger and cuter in every picture! Glad you had a fun Easter!


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