Monday, June 6, 2011

A few weeks late

here are some of the pictures from Aaron's graduation.  These are LONG over due as he graduated May 14th.  But I've been a bit behind lately.  Unfortunately, I forgot to actually take pictures on my camera of Aaron and I and his family at the graduation.  Sometimes I just think, "Oh, mom unit has the better camera, I'll let her take the pictures."   That doesn't work out so well for me with blogging though.  Oops.

There were over 5,000 graduates there.  But over 10,000 graduating from Liberty University that day!

Randall Wallace, screenwriter of Braveheart spoke at commencement.  
Pretty butterfly (or moth) that we found at Shenandoah National Park on our way home.
 Also on our way home we went to Frontier Culture Museum, one of the coolest places I've ever been.  I LOVED IT.  Seriously, go to their website, check it out, then go visit them!  The workers are so knowledgeable about everything there. It was fascinating talking to them.     
West African Settlement of the Igbo people. 

A flax/linen loom in the Irish house.  The process to get those fibers takes forever.

A barn at the German house.

A goat for Sky :) 

My favorite part, the lambs that were just born that morning. . . yup, the workers have to help birth the animals, feed, tend to, shear (with scissors not clippers), and other such farm duties. 

Almost everything is made on site.  Look at that beautiful quilt!

Inside one of the American kitchens.

Isn't the cradle just darling?

And these aren't even all of the pictures that I could share from that day.  I fell in love with that place.   How could you not??? It's one of the ways God has been changing me lately is by getting me interested in history.  After all, it's HisStory.

When we left we bought some of the most amazing fudge everz.  SOOOOOOOOO tasty.  The man in the gift shop was so sweet and great with kids.  Then we went to get in the car, the battery was dead.  We forgot to turn off the lights.  So they helped us jump the car and we started the long trek back home.  We arrived home at 3:30 ish am.  I had to be up at 5:30.  It made for a rough next day, but it was ok.

What are some of your favorite places to visit?  Do you enjoy learning about history?  Have you always enjoyed learning about it?

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  1. How cool is all that stuff?! Thanks for the goat picture! I really liked going to Williamsburg with my family when I was younger. And yes, history was always one of my favorite subjects!


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