Friday, November 28, 2014

Give the Gift of Hope

One reason I'm so passionate about Trades of Hope is the Hope they offer to women.  I was recently reading an article about one of the groups we help support. They not only help the women make necklaces to support the families, but they have prayer and Bible study and now these women are supporting their communities!  How amazing is that?

And have you seen this video of Ms. Florence and how TOH has impacted her life?

That being said, Trades of Hope is offering 35% off all of their Christmas sale items.  You can get some amazing gifts for your friends and family while supporting women like those mentioned above.

Add in a picture, and what a special gift for someone to cherish!

The Nina necklace on the bottom right has been a hit at my parties so far.

Wouldn't these ornaments make lovely gifts for neighbors or teachers? They come in sets but you can always break them apart to give out as gifts.  There is also another set, this heart set that is 50% off.

And what about a beautiful scarf to keep out the winter chill!

And just as an extra incentive, any order over $150 from now until December 2nd receives this Guatemalan coin purse free!

I am so excited about working with Trades of Hope I made my 30 day goal already and am 7/10ths of the way to reaching my 60 day goal and I'm only on day 36. Woohoo!


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