Thursday, August 30, 2012

7 Months Old

Please someone tell me how time goes by so quickly & we're already past the half-way mark in Zoe's first year???

She is the most precious little girl.  She still loves her time outside & LOVES the grass.

OH is that grass that I see?

I shall go check it out. 

And then I need to rip it out so I can eat, I mean investigate it.

See mom, I wasn't REALLY going to eat it.

She has also been crawling a lot so nothing is safe.  The cords are her motivator it seems as they are her favorite to crawl to.  She also unrolled the TP when I was in the shower. Oh & knocked over the trash.  SIGH so of course instead of fixing it, I took a picture on my cell to send to dada. Then I fixed it.

Zoe still loves her food, although yesterday at lunch she fell asleep in her high chair too precious. And baths? Oh she just loves to splash around!

She is quite the photogenic little thing now also. And man, she has a killer smile!

hmmmm this is nice but it's not grass


HAHA this is fun

Look at me

lambs are funny

k, mom. all done

And then afterwards we came back inside and she has started sticking her tongue out all cute like so precious.

Oh and she's working on those two bottom teeth.  What a busy girl!!!

So thankful to the Lord for my beautiful little blessing. 


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