Monday, July 9, 2012

5 Month Collages

Yay for turning 5 months old & for cute dresses

We had this outfit in 0-3 months & 6-9 Months so I had to do a then & now photo.

Significantly bigger snuggles now. 

This weekend we visited my family at their camper & Zoe had her first "bite" of watermelon.  She really just sucked some juice out.  And no, I haven't actually started her on baby food yet.  



  1. She's so cute sitting! Did she like the watermelon?

    1. Thank you & sorta. She didn't know what to think but kept reaching for it.

  2. Its fun to look at the then and now pics. Do you have a fruit net? If she liked sucking on the watermelon she might really like that. If you don't and would be interested in trying it, we have an extra one (still in the package).


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