Friday, March 30, 2012

Turning 2 Months is fun!

Zoe turned 2 months old this week!  She has gotten so big and so much fun!  Just check out this video!  (feel free to ignore my voice.)

She also met her cousins for the first time this past weekend, as well as her great-grandpa & great-uncle.
At first Pap was a bit afraid of breaking Zoe.

Nan wasn't at all apprehensive.

Four Generations.  Great grampa held her but Pap was keeping his eye on her.

Great Uncle Chuck saw Zoe for the first time.

Cousin Colton loved holding Zoe.

The birthday boy held her too!

Even Tyler held her eventually.

Jacob gave her back right after this because she started fussing.

Happy 2 Months ZoZo!

P.S. We moved 2 weeks ago and aren't quite settled in yet, thus the lack of posting lately. 



  1. I LOFF her! (and you and Daddy too)

  2. So cute! Glad you got to go visit family :-)


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