Monday, March 12, 2012

I would never

Before I became pregnant with Zoe (well some of these I did start to consider after Aaron and I got married), there were things I thought I would never do:
1. Deliver my child outside of a hospital 
2. Use cloth diapers
3. Co-sleep
4. Nurse in public (I use a cover)
5. Think twice about letting a child cry it out.  
6. Give up my child easily (to allow others to hold)
7.  Have a midwife
8.  Desire a home birth
9. Have thought to use natural cleaning products
10. Have cared about whether products were free of harmful chemicals
11. I would never give my child a pacifier
12.  I would never have considered pulling into a parking lot to nurse (yup, it's happened)

Isn't it funny how we have these conceptions of how we will be as parents?

And then, everything changes. 

I never leave her to cry it out.  If she's crying it's because she needs something.  And even if I can't meet that need (because I can't figure it out), I'm at least going to let her know she is loved. 

I thought I'd be super possessive but because I get all day with Z, when others ask to hold her it's easier to concede.  

I'm sooooooooo happy we had a midwife and a "home" birth.  Someday I will write out our birth story.  It's not glamorous, but it was what we wanted!  And I hope to have all of our children at home.  It was so wonderful. 

I've learned that babies like to comfort nurse which isn't so comfortable to mom, so we now offer a pacifier.

Co-sleeping we've done since the day she was born and is a decision we've gotten much input on, but it's what works for us.  Nursing at night is so easy this way. *smile* And, waking up and seeing her face next to yours is so wonderful.  Thanks Casey for your awesome post that made me consider this option.  

What are some things you'd never do???


  1. i was totally against cosleeping until my baby was born too! we did it for awhile and it was lovely! now i am going back to work soon so we are trying to let him sleep on own in crib. but sometimes in the morning shift, i let him sleep with us and i love it! :D

  2. Honestly I don't remember what I would never do. It's been a couple of years though *smile*.

    I can tell you this for sure though.....being a Grammie is easier than being a Mom!

  3. This was really beautiful! I am a new mom and I can pretty much relate with every one of those things you said! (Except for the natural birth part, I had to have a c-section because I'm extremely short and have big babies!) I was extremely modest before I had my son, but nursing in public is not a big deal to me because I just want to feed my baby! (I use a cover too.) I never thought I would care more about being with my son than sleeping, but now I take every chance I can get with him because I know these little moments won't last. Thank you for your post!

    1. Thank you MacKenzie for stopping by! I'm pretty short also. Only 5'2" and Z was 8 lb 8 oz and 21 in long. Yay for big babies!


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