Monday, February 6, 2012

Zoe 1 Week

Out little girl turned a week old on Saturday!  I can't believe she's been here for a week already and yet it feels like she's always been here.  This past Tuesday was rough for me because of hormones.  Every time I thought of  Aaron I cried.  He had to work all day that day.  Other than that though it has been a pretty great first week with our little girl.  She had one night where she was up 10x in 8 hours.  That was not fun, however, most nights I'm only up feeding her 2-3 times which is great.  She makes up for it during the day time though.  I think Zoe sees mama as an all you can eat buffet.  =P
Valerie, our midwife, and Zoe when she was born.  She looks so big!

Grammie and Zoe

Aunt Kristin and Zoe

Aunt Courtney & Zoe

Aunt Sarah & Zoe

PapPap and Zoe

Mongel and Zoe

Grandpa and Zoe

This one makes me almost cry, just love the expression on Daddy's face. 

My mom, Mongel, was with us from Tuesday - Saturday which was a huge help and we were so thankful for that!  Throughout the week we've had visits from Grammie, Grandpa, PapPap, Aunt Kristin, Aunt Courtney, Aunt Sarah & Trent, Aunt Eve & Uncle Cork, Nan, Uncle Buddy, Liz & Frank, and Sky & Andrew.  Sky and Andrew have been so awesome and are doing our laundry for us, such a blessing because we don't have a washer & dryer in our apartment.  Oh and they brought us a tasty dinner.

Zoe is so loved and she's only a week old.

Such a big yawn.

Our big one week old little girl:

(This was the best one I took.  I took about 50 and she was just not super cooperative.)


  1. Love the one with Aaron! So sweet :-)

  2. Are you kidding me? WHAT.A.CUTIE. I meant to email you this last week, but I hadn't gotten to it yet, so I'll tell you now. On the night of the 27th, we had a prayer night at church, and I spent some time praying for you and Aaron and I prayed that your sweet baby would come soon, that night even. I was pretty excited to see that she was born at 2:02 the next morning! Isn't God amazing? Blessings to your sweet family, Amanda!!

  3. She is absolutely darling!! And how nice to have so much family in town to visit and help out ;)


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