Tuesday, February 28, 2012

One Month

Little Zoe turned a month old today!!! I can't believe she's been with us for a month and yet it feels like she's always been here.

Taken by her Grammie

This month has been a learning opportunity for both of us.
Zoe has learned to:
*Take a pacifier (mostly)
*Pull mommy's hair (not mommy's favorite)
*Feed very well (and we've finally learned to space this out more)
*Roll onto her side (she's been doing this since she was 2 weeks old)

*Flip herself onto her back during tummy time (it's happened twice already)
*Hold her head up (she rarely rests her head on our shoulders now)

Taken by Grammie

Mommy has learned:
*How to nurse more proficiently and more confidently (it was hard to do this around others before, but I've gotten better at using my nursing cover).
*Give Zoe smooches often (it's just a requirement)
*To type with one hand again
*To do most things one handed
*That sometimes it's ok to let her cry for 2 minutes while doing something that requires 2 hands (like slicing the homemade bread)
*That we have the best friends in the world who have been doing laundry for us since we don't have a washer and dryer right now. (hooray for no laundromat)
*To sit in the backseat of the car, hold the pacifier in with one finger and stroke Zoe's cheek with the other to get her to calm down. (this usually works, sometimes however, you just get to pull over and nurse in a parking lot.)
*To take off socks during diaper changes.

We've both done a lot of learning this month.  The biggest thing we've learned is that we love one another very much.  I can't believe she's only been here for a month and how much I love her.  I don't mind letting others hold her, but sometimes, after a while of not holding her myself I just think, "I want to hold her again, I miss her."  I'm sure this is even harder for daddy.  He makes sure to snuggle her other times though.  Last night he decided to let her fall asleep on his chest when we went to bed.  Such a special time for them both and for me so I could get some good sleep too.

So thankful for our little girl and the precious time we have with her right now.  I may be tired often, but it's totally worth it to take in this wonderful stage in her life.  We are so grateful to our wonderful Father who has given us this perfect little gift!  All almost 10 lbs of her!

although out of focus, one of my favorite photos!


  1. Awwww, so glad you three are doing well. She is certainly a cutie pie!!! :)

  2. what a doll! my little guy turned a month on sunday, where does the time go? glad you are all doing well!

  3. I love the one with her fist in the air....looks like she's say Rahrahrah! And the one with Daddy is precious. I loff her!


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