Friday, December 5, 2014

Jubilee, a Year later

It was a year ago today that our precious daughter was born into Heaven.  There has been pain that is for sure but what I'd like to share to day is that this pain has made the HOPE of Heaven more real to me.  When I am broken, I know that it is Christ comforting me.  When I think about Jubilee and am sad, imagine how much more broken I would be if there were no hope of seeing her again.  Because Christ is risen, I know that she is risen as well.

Last night, Jesus kept me in His peace by allowing me to think on the beauty that she is now instead of what she looked like when she was born.  I allowed my mind to wonder what she would be like.  Time in Heaven isn't like time here on earth. Is she a beautiful 1 year old or is she a beautiful young woman.  I'm so thankful that she has been spared the pain of this life.  She will never suffer a broken heart, a skinned knee, cancer, awful name calling.  She will be experiencing the love of Christ more fully than I can even imagine at this point!  That my friends is miraculous!  She gets to sing praises to the King of Kings in His presence! What an awesome thought!

Jubilee's name means a celebration of beauty or a beautiful celebration.  This broke my heart when she was first born.  That did not feel like a beautiful celebration to me in the least.  My daughter was born dead, never to play with her sister, never to see her smile, never to kiss up her beautiful little face.  Over the course of this year though, I've also realized that she is experiencing the most beautiful celebration: being in the presence of the Lord.  Jubilee was also a year of rest in the Bible, so I like to think that Jesus gave her a beautiful rest.

So today instead of dwelling on how I should be baking a smash cake and making plans for her first birthday party, I will choose to focus on the joy that she is with the Father, the Creator of the Universe and He has given her a beautiful rest. StumbleUpon


  1. Much love to you this Christmas season. Thinking about Jubilee today 💖

  2. Love you amanda. I have been thinking of my sweet baby niece Jubilee today.


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