Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Yesterday my friend Melanie and I went on a she-date.  We had lunch at Teresa's Deli (don't worry I had a chicken tender sub, not lunchmeat) and got our hairs cut!  Would you like to see some before and after pictures???

 This is what my hair looks like if I don't do anything to it.  I get out of the shower, brush it once and let it go. 
 yup, I have naturally wavy hair, in order to cut it better, the stylist decided to straighten it. 
 My after picture.  I loved it.  Still do, so did husband.  Unfortunately, I'm too lazy to straighten my hair.  Despite appearances, it's quite thick.  It will probably be curly more often than not. 
 still loving it.
 Melanie before
 She wanted to keep a lot of her length. 
 Look at her pretty flat-ironed hair!
Good bye split ends. Hello pretty, manageable, healthy hair!

Where do you get your hair cut?  What's your best/worst hair cut story?


  1. love it! I, too, want a cut that allows dry'n'go!


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